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Dr. Shashidhar.T is a skilled dermatologist and dermato-surgeon practicing Hair transplant in Bangalore. His field of interest has always been hair transplant (FUE) procedure and to deliver BEST results possible. He has successfully treated over 1500+ satisfied and happy hair transplantation patients. These patients are proud of their results and are not compensated in any way. They are helping others to understand that a hair transplant can be a very rewarding experience in the hands of the right doctor. Dr. Shashidhar T specializes in Hair & Skin treatments like:- Hair transplant, FUE Hair transplantation, FUT Hair transplantation, PRP Treatment, Hair loss treatment Melasma, Laser hair removal, Laser for scar removal, Skin tags removal, Anti Aging, Pulse, Psoriasis, Stretch Marks, Leucoderma, Wart Removal, Vitiligo Treatment, Dandruff Treatment, Hyper Pigmentation, Nail Diseases, Eczema Treatment, Skin Rash Treatment, Tinea Versicolor Treatment, Chemical peel, Mole removal.

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